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13.09.2001 | 10:30 0 RSS Feed

Ohne Worte

Moby, der in der Nähe des World Trade Centers wohnt, hat sich auf seiner Homepage geäußert.

"I just woke up to the sound of an explosion and people screaming. So I ran to my roof to see both buildings of the World Trade Center on fire and now I cant stop shaking and my apartment smells like smoke.
What has happened.
I dont know what to say.

What has happened?
Oh god." "Oh god.
When I wrote the earlier update the world trade towers were still standing and now theyre not. Oh god.
Everyone I know in New York is sobbing.
Who has done this?
How can anyone ever justify taking a single life? The world is going to be different now. Im sorry, but I dont know what to write." "For those of you who are wondering if Im ok. Yes, physically Im ok.
Emotionally I dont know.
They were there this morning and now theyre gone. I really just dont know. I dont think that anyone living outside of New York can really understand what its like here. 40,000 people worked in those buildings. 40,000 people with family and friends. 40,000 people. And all the rescue workers.
I think I need to sleep. I dont want to wake up to more screaming." "To paraphrase Shimon Peres:
This is not just an attack on the United States, this is an attack on civilization.
I go between anger and grief and bewilderment. Thankfully I have friends over, otherwise I think I would lose it.
I dont know.
Moby." "Forgive my anger at this...but imagine that you are Bruce Willis bodyguard.
Now imagine that you are paid remarkably well to keep Bruce Willis from being hurt. Now imagine that while youre on the job Bruce Willis gets beaten up and very badly hurt.
Isnt this analagous to the role of the FBI and the CIA and the military at this time?
These organizations exist SOLELY to protect us from this sort of atrocity. Very simply, they have failed us.
When we pay exorbitant taxes we expect a degree of protection and security from the people who receive those taxes. They have failed us.
The hundreds of thousands of people who will go to sleep alone because their loved ones have been killed by international terrorists have been failed by the institutions to whom they pay taxes.
To whom they pay taxes to protect them from this sort of unspeakable atrocity. As tax-paying private citizens we have been failed by the institutions in which we once placed a modicum of trust.
Im sorry for sounding so clinical, but Im fucking furious. Lax security has caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people.
Criticize me if you want for being out of my mind with rage, but Ive just watched 40,000 people die.
I`ll try to sleep now but I doubt that I will."

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