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Therapy? führen Studio-Tagebuch für VISIONS

Do you speak English? Besser ist das, denn Therapy? führen ein Studiotagebuch für VISIONS, das wir euch hier im Original präsentieren. Momentan arbeiten die Nordiren mit Produzent Jack Endino an 16 neuen Songs...

Private Radio Studios SEATTLE 09/01/01-14/01/01

As we arrive in Seattle it becomes pretty obvious that this is going to be one hell of an experience. Jack Endino (our producer) meets us at the airport and before we know it were speeding through downtown asking far too many questions. After some sleep we spend the next day trying to track down a backline to record with. A tremendous amount of goodwill has been extended to us by the musicians of this town and as a result have backline borrowed from ex-Soundgarden members to BB Kings drummer. Early on we realise our thank-you list on this record will be massive!!

A few days rehearsal is next where we get to sort out our sounds and tighten up the song arrangements under Jacks watchful eye. Hes a very laidback type of producer - ready to offer advice but always ensuring the band feel comfortable. A couple of new songs come out of these sessions. One is from an idea myself, Martin and Graham worked on before Xmas when Andy was at the doctor. Its provisionally entitled "Bonkified" which is a typical Therapy? made-up word!! Another is worked from a killer riff Andy starts to play. He tweaks it with a great bridge/chorus and Hey Presto - "Stalk and Slash" is born. The title comes from a psycho type cello stab Martin plays over the intro... Next we work on another newie much in the vein of "Lonely Cryin Only" or "Evil Elvis". This is earmarked as one to use for a split single we plan to do with The Black Halos on Sub Pop Records. Weve been fans of the Halos since Andy and Martin saw them live in Austin at SxSW and the plan for a split single was hatched over too many drinks!!!

After a few days it becomes obvious that the music scene here is very tightly knit. Everyone knows everyone else and it soon becomes common knowledge that were in town. A lot of this is due to the fact weve played with or drank with a lot of the local musos... add to this Jack has worked with them all, our social schedule soon becomes busy!!

Bob Lang Studios SEATTLE 15/01/01-02/02/01

This is a weird looking place. The studio is dug right into the side of a mountain... its all chiselled into the rock so theres a real gothic vibe to it. Up in the recreation room the view is unbelievable... were right on the coast at Puget Sound and over in the distance is the beautiful sight of the Olympic mountains. These are often shrouded in mist or snow so it makes a picture postcard scene. The weather is not quite as bad as itd been made out... we get a few good days but the predominate forecast is RAIN.

In total there are 16 songs to record so thats a lot to nail in 2 weeks. Both Jack and ourselves prefer the live approach - no click tracks or computers. We tweak the sounds and all 4 of us play the songs instrumentally - if anything needs repaired we patch it up there and then. After we get about four songs done in this way then leads, percussion and lastly the vocals are added. Its a kind of best of both worlds - we get a good live vibe which the studio can stifle and we get to overdub the subtelties and other effects that take a little longer to perfect.

Of course its not all work in the studio so we try to get out and experience the Nortwestern way of life. Lucky for us the place is full of great clubs and shows with bands playing that wed rarely get a chance to see back home. We check out The Murder City Devils (very punk rock), Mudhoney (back on form and rocking the house) and the Melvins (very very strange) so there`s plenty of inspiration out in the real world. Yet again everyone is very approachable and nice - we keep getting quizzed on our accents and eventually begin to pretend "Yes" we are Australians as it saves explaining exactly where Ireland is.

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