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VISIONS Nr. 71 - 11/1998

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Placebo, Depeche Mode, Black Sabbath, Cypress Hill, RZA, Rob Zombie, Squarepusher, Jungle Funk, Schweinhund, Tarwater, Sentenced, Nashville Pussy, Sans Secours, The Eels, Republica, The Cardigans, Moses Pelham, Afghan Whigs, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, King’s X, Billy Gould, Cake, Psychotic Youth, Sonny Vincent, Elektrosushi, Pendikel, Gigantor, Spineshank, Keilerkopf, Mercury Rev, Vast, Chokebore, Kyria, Lagwagon, Fatboy Slim, Nada Surf, Pyogenesis


Depeche Mode, Family Values-Tour, Such A Surge, Stella US, 22 Pistepirkko, Pearl Jam, The Jesus Lizard, The King, The Eels, Lo-Fidelity Allstars, Defari, Payola, Vision, Fireside, Dandy Warhols, Cake, Fischmob, Addict

Beilage: 5 - The New, The Classic & The Unexplored CD


5 - The New, The Classic & The Unexplored CD Cover
  1. King’s X - Ono
  2. Placebo - Without You I’m Nothing
  3. Miles - Happening
  4. Ash - Wild Surf
  5. Queens Of The Stone Age - Avon
  6. Sans Secours - In The Morning
  7. Pyogenesis - Drive Me Down
  8. Cypress Hill - Lightning Strikes
  9. Life Of Agony - Through And Through
  10. Buffalo Tom - Taillights Fade
  11. Bauhaus - Passion Of Lovers
  12. Tunnel - Liquid Sky
  13. Portable Praychairs - Weird
  14. Clockwise From Top - Loosing More