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VISIONS Nr. 67 - 06/1998

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Garbage, Monster Magnet, Smashing Pumpkins, Heather Nova, Nick Cave, Core, Larry The Lefthanded, One Minute Silence, Veil, C.I.A., Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos, Jerry Cantrell, Fear Factory, Haystack, The Make-Up, Soul Asylum, Pussy Galore, Jesus Lizard, H-Blockx, Die Ärzte, D.O.A., Adicct, Stabbing Westward, Pulkas, Janus Stark, Clutch, Wolfpac, Kreidler, Kid Loco, Such A Surge, Madball, Das EFX, Both Worlds


Turbonegro, Lombego Surfers, 35007, The Cramps, K’s Choice, D.O.A., New Model Army, Pere Ubu, Run DMC, Such A Surge, Heather Nova, World Bang, Therion, Francoise Cactus, Stella, Guitar Wolf, Eläkeläiset, …But Alive, Therapy?, Penthouse, Six By Seven

Beilage: 3 - The New, The Classic & The Unexplored CD


3 - The New, The Classic & The Unexplored CD Cover
  1. Slayer - Bitter Peace
  2. Stabbing Westward - Everything I Touch
  3. Drugstore - Mondo Came
  4. Addict - Monsterside
  5. Such A Surge - Ma Chair Et Mon Sang
  6. Madball - Look My Way
  7. Frank Black - All My Ghosts
  8. Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos - De
  9. Monster Magnet - Nod Scene
  10. Primus - To Defy The Laws Of Tradition
  11. Spermbirds - Melt The Ice
  12. Mucky Pup - U-Stink
  13. Red Aim - Bupp, The Tasmanian Devil
  14. Love Under Will - Wrong
  15. Cafehaus - Urlaub Auf Balkonien
  16. MCF - Fuck You