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VISIONS Nr. 60 - 10/1997

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Bizarre-Festival, Happy Walters, Björk, (hed) p.e., Leadfoot, Down By Law, Eskimos & Egypt, Kepone, DBH, Freundeskreis, Luna, Steakknife, Frosted, Sweet 75, Jim Martin, Clawfinger, Sleater Kinney, Hellacopters, Pixies, Shelter, Talk Show, Ash, Stereolab, Dog Eat Dog, Strife, Thought Industry, Voivod, Vampyre State Building, Electric Frankenstein, Manbreak, Cornershop, Chumbawamba, Die Kassierer, B-Thong, Coal Chamber, Schweisser


Hellacopters, Strange Noise-Festival, The Verve, KRS-1, Bloodhound Gang, Beatsteaks, Chemical Brothers, Urban Dance Squad, Jelly Planet, Blindman’s Ball, Life Of Agony, Agnostic Front, Samiam, GWAR