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VISIONS Nr. 125 - 08/2003

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James Hetfield/Metallica, Turbonegro, Jane´s Addiction, Seeed, Grandaddy, Hurricane/Southside-Nachbericht, Poison The Well, Super Furry Animals, The Mooney Suzuki, Serafin, The Cooper Temple Clause, Fu Manchu, The Monochords, Wes Borland, Mark Lindquist, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Underwater Circus, Mondo Generator, Spineshank, Flint, The Polyphonic Spree, Electric Six, Gallery Of Mites, LOGH, David Bowie, The Hidden Hand, Deftones/ A Perfect Circle, Type 0 Negative, Wir sind Helden, MCF, The Weakerthans, King´s X,


AC/DC, Cursive/Sometree, Fu Manchu/Firebird, Dave Gahan, Metallica/Disturbed, Tricky

Beilage: VISIONS Westend 03 - Die Compilation CD


VISIONS Westend 03 - Die Compilation CD Cover
  1. AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD - Days Of Being Wild (Live)
  2. A - Old Folks (Live)
  3. ASH - Girl From Mars (Live)
  4. TOMTE - Die Schönheit der Chance (Live)
  5. BLACKMAIL - Ken I Die (Live)
  6. WEAKERTHANS, THE - Left And Leaving (Live)
  7. SLUT - Reminder (Live)
  8. DANKO JONES - Play The Blues (Live)
  9. MOTHER TONGUE - F.T.W. (Live)
  10. DREDG - Yatahaze (Live)