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...aber es gibt nicht eine Antwort auf die Fragen, die ich mir stelle, wenn ich wieder mal mein Gehirn mit dem ein oder anderen Glas dazu ermutigt habe &uuml;ber das Leben zu philosophieren. Und so werde ich auch weiterhin so sehr nur damit besch&auml;ftigt sein dar&uuml;ber nachzudenken, dass ich dann gar nicht merke, wenn die Kalendermonate ? wie Ahornbl&auml;tter wenn es auf den Winter zugeht ? beginnen abzufallen, die zwei Ziffern hinter der 20 immer schneller ins Unendliche steigen und sich meine Freunde schon langsam schlafen legen.
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"and an apple fell and it taught us all we are <b>chained</b> here to the ground"<br />
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"the boundaries of language i quietly <b>cursed</b> and all the different names for the same thing"<br />
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I'm gonna <b>stay up</b> all night, every night for the rest of my life, till the lines around my eyes grow deeper and more defined.<br />
You might ask me "Aren't you dead inside and so damn tired?"<br />
I'll say "I have no idea. I'm not sleeping until after the <b>dying</b> is over."<br />
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(rocky votolato, portland is leaving)
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I need something I want to be close to. And I <b>scream</b>, but I still don't know why I do it, because the sound never stays it just swells and decays, so what is the point? Why try to fight what is now so certain? The <b>truth</b> is all that I am a passing event that will be <b>forgotten</b>.<br />
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(bright eyes, the city has sex)
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We are born so fresh, a golden prize until you <b>scrape that knee</b> and quickly realize that you're lost in the <b>fog</b> on your way to death.<br />
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(tilly and the wall, nights of the living dead)
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It reminds me how our friendship died, how my presence here is a thorn in your side. I keep forgetting why I?m here, it?s because I?m a petty guy who spends his time <b>fabricating useless lies</b>. I wanna know why you had to say the things you said, the time you spent inside my head. I don?t mind. The truth is somewhere in <b>between</b>, hurting you and killing me.<br />
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(the jim yoshii pile-up, double negative)<br />


  • Bright Eyes - Lifted / Digital Ash in A Digital Urn
  • Death Cab for Cutie - Something about Airplanes / You Can Play These Songs With...
  • Cursive - The Ugly Organ
  • 36 Crazyfists - A Snow Capped Romance / Bitterness The Star
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  • Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now
  • Nada Surf - The Weight is a Gift
  • Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I am, That's What I'm Not
  • Bright Eyes
  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • Funeral for a Friend
  • 36 Crazyfists
  • Waterdown
  • Dolls
  • Kill Bill II
  • Spiderman 2
  • Elisabethtown
  • Kammerflimmern
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