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12.03.2014 Autor: ulysse69 0

Will Calhoun: FRANKFURT - NACHTLEBEN (11.03.2014)

Da WATB noch nicht auf dem VISIONS Radar ist musste ich statt WATB Will Calhoun auswählen.
Alle Rheinländer und Nicht-Rheinländer, die aufrichtige, ehrliche und geile handmade Rock-Musik lieben, sollten heute Abend, 12TH MARCH 2014, ins PITCHER 29 nach Düsseldorf auf das Konzert von WILLE AND THE BANDITS gehen. Wir waren gestern abend im NACHTLEBEN in Frankfurt und es war genial. Weiter auf Englisch, meiner bevorzugtem Sprache.
Wille and The Bandits play the music of my holidays. Long days surfing at Lizard Point and long nights listening to music and local bands. Lyrics expressing worries, hopes and fears, loves and losses through poetry and rhythm set in organic time signatures.

The band are Wille Edwards on guitar, Matt Brookes on bass and Andrew Naumann on drums. I underplayed that a bit, some kind of wizardry is involved. This three piece swap between instruments each having at least 2, accompanied with several techniques. Wille plays an electro acoustic, acoustic and an electric lap steel, sometimes he uses a slide and other times as held acoustic, often interspersing between two and regularly manipulating sounds with an array of pedals, achieving some seemingly impossible effects. If this wasn’t enough, he sings the most amazingly penned songs with a strong confidence and touching tone. Matt plays a body-less upright bass with every skill going and when nothing else will do, out comes the bow! He then has a six string electric bass which, on occasion, gets swung to the side so he can flip back to the upright. Ah man, you have to see them play live, it’s really mind blowing. So, behind sits Andrew looking like his arms and legs have nothing to do with him, effortlessly pounding out the most insane rhythms, breaks, grooves intensely, for time frames that anyone else would collapse under and then slow and shockingly powerful, in a crazy subtle drag. He plays his kit, adorned with a crocheted bass drum ‘curtain?’ with the band’s name on it. It all looks quite un-nefarious, but then a rhythm demon is awakened. Snares are swapped with djembe between numbers, beaters, sticks and hands (sometimes one stick, one hand) are used to reverberate skins and cymbals, it’s then the tongue drum comes in to play, adding a whole new dynamic to join the party.
Wille and The Bandits took to the stage and jammed quite a blend, lulling us in to their style and changing the vibrations of the room, almost siren like, calling to the audience. Within a minute the place was packed and the notes flowed in to their opener of Keep Your Head Up from their first album ‘New Breed’. It’s quite an easy going number settling you in to the vibe with messages of “You got to get outside and see the beauty of this world, Live with love and love life and you’ll get through the troubled times”.

The scene was set. With his dreadlocks pulled through the busted out lid of his top hat (which ignites my ever glinting embers of love for Harpo Marx) Wille smiles through his mad staring eyes and captivates us all with a modest yet commanding welcome. A MUST SEE BAND!

PS:For those who want to see this awesome SHOW twice WATB play Osnabrück on the 13TH MARCH 2014 in Kleine Freiheit!

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