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23.06.2011 | 15:34 » Moderation benachrichtigen
Freunde der Sonne, rein hier mit Song-/Albumtiteln die's so richtig drauf haben, ausgesprochen witzig sind oder abgefuckter kaum sein könnten. Bilder müssen nicht sein, können aber natürlich. Auf geht's:

Hitler Bad, Vandals Good (The Vandals)

Anything Jesus Does, I Can Do Better (The Locust)

Crippled By Pizza (Pizzarrhea In The Pizzeria) (Horse The Band)
23.06.2011 | 15:40 » Moderation benachrichtigen
SPEAKING CANARIES - I Wear Glasses In The Most Brutal Sport Ever Invented
- Song On A Record You Can't Get
MEET ME IN ST LOUIS - I Am Champagne And You Are Shit
- I Beat Up The Bathroom,I'm Sorry
- Come To NY, There Were Fewer Murders Last Year
- I've Got Knives In My Eyes, I'm Going Homesick

Hab natürlich noch viele weitere, aber grad nicht soviel Zeit...
23.06.2011 | 15:43 » Moderation benachrichtigen
Hammerhead - Stay Where The Pepper Grows
23.06.2011 | 15:46 » Moderation benachrichtigen
- Song On A Record You Can't Geteigenwert, 23.06.2011 15:40

Na wird doch!
23.06.2011 | 15:51 » Moderation benachrichtigen
You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter (I Set My Friends On Fire)

Aaaaarghhh (Venom)

I Swerved To Miss A Cat And Hit 36 Kids (Preschool Tea Party Massacre)
23.06.2011 | 15:52 » Moderation benachrichtigen
HOLY SONS - Things You Do While Waiting For The Apocalypse
GALLERY OF MITES - A Man Called Shit
FLAMING LIPS - Oh My Pregnant Head
- Guy Who Got A Headache And Accidentally Saves The World
- The Train Runs Over The Camel But Is DERAILED By The Gnat
- March Of The Rotten Vegetables
23.06.2011 | 16:03 » Moderation benachrichtigen
Hardcore Died With Hitler (Preschool Tea Party Massacre)

Priest With The Sexually Transmitted Disease, Get Out Of My Bed (The Locust)

I Hate Almost Every Person I Come In Contact With (Curl Up And Die)

Das Grindcore Genre ist da ein unerschöpflicher Nachschublieferer.:bigsmile:
23.06.2011 | 16:15 » Moderation benachrichtigen
You're The Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly - (Lorretta Lynn & Conway Twitty)

Kicker Of Elves (Guided By Voices)

To The Workers Of The Rockford River Valley Region, I Have An Idea Concerning Your Predicament, And It Involves Shoe String, A Lavender Garland, And Twelve Strong Women (Sufjan Stevens)
23.06.2011 | 16:32 » Moderation benachrichtigen
We Break Together - Abstürzende Brieftauben
Balls to the wall -Accept
Anal Cunt - Anyone Who Likes The Dillinger Escape Plan Is A Faggot
japanische kampfhörspiele - le menu de l'autopsie des gagnants du grand prix
Bild anzeigen
23.06.2011 | 16:33 » Moderation benachrichtigen
SHELLAC - Song Against Itself
BUTTHOLE SURFERS - I Saw An X-Ray Of A Girl Passing Gas
WEEN - Flies On My Dick
- Spinal Meningitis
- The HIV Song
- Don't Shit Where You Eat
... usw bei denen...
23.06.2011 | 16:36 » Moderation benachrichtigen
Dad Starts Fucking A Bald Woman (Yo La Tengo)

Who Are All Of These Children And Why Are They Calling Me Their Mother? (We Were Skeletons)

Arbeit Macht Frei (The Libertines)

The Only Good Fascist Is A Very Dead Fascist (Propagandhi)

I Gave My Eyes To Stevie Wonder (Million Dead)

The Hidden Song At The End Of The Record (Johnny Foreigner)
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Frank Zappa ist da unerschöpflich:
Don't eat the yellow snow
My Guitar wants to kill your mama
Whats the ugliest part of your body
Help! I turned into a Stone
Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

Crash Test Dummies - Mmmmh Mmmmh Mmmmh
23.06.2011 | 16:43 » Moderation benachrichtigen
JOAN OF ARC - The Title Track Of This Album
- Onomatopoetic Animal Faces
- The Details Of The Bomb
- 9/11__2
- A Tell-Tale Penis
- Everywhere I Go Everyone I Know Laughs And Says I Told You So
- The Garden Of Cartoon Exclamations
KILLER SHREWS - Bring Me The Fat In California
- Handfull Of Gimme (And A Mouth Fulla Much Obliged)
- Vote God
- The Brain From Planet Eros
- Hank Williams Must Die
23.06.2011 | 16:56 » Moderation benachrichtigen
How Can I Miss You, If You Won't Go Away? (The Huntingtons)

Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict (Pink Floyd)

Zodiaccupuncture (Aesop Rock)
23.06.2011 | 17:02 » Moderation benachrichtigen
PAPER CHASE - The Kids Will Grow Up To Be Assholes
- Delivered In A Firm Unyielding Way Lingering For Just A Bit Too Long To Communicate The Message "I Own You"
- The Most Important Part Of Your Body
- What's So Amazing About Grace
- The Song Will Eat Itself
- All Manner Of Pox Or Canker
- The House Is Alive And The House Is Hungry
- I'm Going To Heaven With Or Without You
- This Is A Rape
23.06.2011 | 17:05 » Moderation benachrichtigen
- What's So Amazing About Graceeigenwert, 23.06.2011 17:02

23.06.2011 | 17:33 » Moderation benachrichtigen
Belvedere - "It's Tough To Be A Bully When There's No One Left To Bully"

Cap'n Jazz - "No Use for a Piano Player When You Got a Player Piano"

Crash My Deville - "Don't Piss Down Our Backs And Tell Us It's Raining"

Daggermouth - "You Can't Soar Like An Eagle When You Hang Out With Turkeys"

Deny Everything - "If There Was A God, Wouldn't He Make People Like You Shut The Fuck Up?"

Evergreen Terrace - "I Say You He Dead"

Evergreen Terrace - "Chaney Can't Quite Riff Like Helmet's Page Hamilton"

Kurhaus - "Die Or Get Rich Tryin'"

Landmines - "If You Were In This Band, You'd Be Drunk By Now"

Landmines - "Talk Is Cheap, Your's Is Worthless"

Mad Monks - "No Dick´s As Hard As Life"

NOFX - "We Threw Gasoline To The Fire And Now We Have Stumps For Arms And No Eyebrowns"

Walls Of Jericho - "There's No I In Fuck You"
23.06.2011 | 17:44 » Moderation benachrichtigen
Fuck You Very Much (Lily Allen)

I Hate People (Nasum)

I Know You Are But What Am I? (Mogwai)
23.06.2011 | 17:47 » Moderation benachrichtigen
KING SNAKE ROOST - Travel Was A Meat Thing
LUBRICATED GOAT - The Hunt Is Better Than The Kill
SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY - Sometimes My Balls Feel Like Tits
COWS - I Miss Her Beer
- Pussy Is A Monarchy
- Allergic To Myself
KILLDOZER - Live Your Life Like You Don't Exist
- Hamburger Martyr
23.06.2011 | 17:48 » Moderation benachrichtigen
(Mogwai)Powder To The People, 23.06.2011 17:44

Bei denen findet man natürlich noch so einiges...
Vermutlich auch bei den Melvins...

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